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Purewind Studio: quality productions & effective training for musicians since 2005
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a musical conservatory
Overlooking Folsom Lake, Purewind Studio is conveniently located 10 minutes between Loomis, Auburn, and Granite Bay. The studio attracts hundreds yearly for its diverse musical opportunities and family atmosphere. We welcome you to join our joyful community as we enter our 10th year of providing quality instrumental/vocal education.
Our Philosophy - it’s more than “music” 
With the power to heal or crush, music is a representation of life, and how music is practiced has a direct way of affecting life itself. Studies prove that musically-educated students show greater success in other areas, and we believe that playing an instrument provides both discipline and enjoyment for a well-rounded day. Artistically producing pitches and rhythms has a way of incorporating all main functions of the brain at once; if a learner is strong in a particular area, the weaker areas are pulled along and strengthened, both “musically,” and in real-life functions. Like life, music has as many unique expressions as there are people. Everyone can learn an instrument and everyone can love it. We are here to help you make it a valuable aspect to your whole life.

Danika Gooch
Piano, Flute, Oboe, Strings, Composing
It was a rough start with boring “lessons” from a young age, but Danika’s call to music became apparent in her teens. She then began to study classical and jazz flute, piano, and composition more extensively, and for the last ten years has been sought out as a private teacher. In addition to full-time devotion to Purewind Studio, she performs and coaches in the community and has scored over 100 orchestra and band arrangements for local symphonic   institutions.    She    has    collaborated    with
Daniel Enrico
Guitar, Clarinet, Saxophone, Percussion, Theory
Though he can play any instrument and compose, it was guitar and clarinet performance that Daniel chose to pursue in college. However, he believes that learning is far more than what has ever been accomplished in a classroom, and his mission is to motivate musicians in the lifelong commitment of achievement. As an entrepreneur  and  innovator,  he 
Additional instructors are brought in during camps, as well as when an instrument lesson is requested that is not listed here.
recording artists around the country as well as released several solo albums of her own. Music would hold little value for her if not for the people it involves. Her fire for teaching is fueled by desire to inspire each person to their positive potential.
creates custom materials and cutting-edge tools for his students, following up with personable attention. He has always been an engaging performer, and continues to contribute to the community through concerts and workshops.